Which knee? @azsportswear  #azbyzlatan 

This is my Zlatan. Watch out for him when you are playing @zlatanlegendsthegame  #zlatanlegends 

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On this day the universe will know: there is only one Zlatan #zlatanlegends  #isbitgames 

Wherever i go i bring my Zwedish flag #zlatanlegends 

Quality belongs to Quality @rivayacht 

Lions dont train like humans #azbyzlatan  #zlatanlegends 

Taking over the zea #zlatanlegends 

New Game, New Rules #zlatanlegends 

King and Kong

You have Benjamin Franklin and you have me #bingorimer 

Power is nothing without control

The One and Only #minoraiola 

I came. I said. I conquered.

The symbol of Sweden is almost done #mystatue  #proud  #lifework 

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Lions dont compare themselves to humans @azsportswear  @alexanderostlund 

The touch will never disappear. Lions dont recover like humans. @azsportswear  #itsnotaboutthegear 

No words can describe this man as a person and as a fotballplayer. Thank you for what you have done and will continue to do. Thank you for being a friend. #maxwell 

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