Caption this for us. ⚪⚬ 🎥 @ariweinkle

Granit Spahiu - @granitworld Instagram Profile by granitworld 7 days ago

Caption this for us. ⚪⚬ 🎥 @ariweinkle 


7 days ago dr_eugene_

Mom's spaghetti

7 days ago sailover3

Departure of the soul

7 days ago 3000_screaming_chairs

Knees weak arms are heavy

7 days ago jherreid1

After a big pasta dinner I be like..

7 days ago _nvart_

I ate too many noodles 🍝

7 days ago zlingblog

Ramen @freshemilie 

7 days ago ainuski

Ouuuu shit😑 @juliaperello_ 

7 days ago freshemilie

😳 @zlingblog 

7 days ago venusrobertson

Formuasca :)

7 days ago swipezeusa

Wow! 😱

7 days ago listeningeyes369


7 days ago kimmy20me

Coming apart at the seams

7 days ago paulasimal

Como mola!

7 days ago kiimmberlyy__


7 days ago herbalist187

@itsramborich  that's how I felt when I tried DMT löl

7 days ago milescronicles

@3000_screaming_chairs  there's vomit on his sweater already

7 days ago 3000_screaming_chairs

Tangle me

7 days ago margotbfnr

@candice_lg  comment c'est stressant

7 days ago rhiannonmansanales

Noodle-thinking-man, in the corner.😜

7 days ago loveandhappines24

When you just feel like unraveling after the day is over.

7 days ago tinobopapino

Cristian noodle soup? @nodal__barron  @mac_beaner_510 

7 days ago mac_beaner_510

@tinobopapino  👌👌👋

7 days ago downfall_of_toothpaste

I'm having a Doctor Strange moment.

7 days ago darealjus

Ramen noodles

7 days ago kiranlotus

wow...humans always messup

7 days ago candice_lg

@margotbfnr  😦😦

6 days ago hamaspera14


5 days ago orotsy120

Pasta 🍝 man

5 days ago merch.kvng

Reverse gravity so

5 days ago merch.kvng


5 days ago ohitsalexxis

Spooky noodles

5 days ago sallyann49

My brain after watching too much news

4 days ago chinoelvis


3 days ago sebki_


7 hours ago baddie._.adrii


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