Consistent hard work gains success and just because something's never been done, doesn't mean it can't be done. )

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Consistent hard work gains success and just because something's never been done, doesn't mean it can't be done. #RaiseTheBar  #YOUvsYOU  #SlideIntoYourComments  #InANonCreepyWay )


5 hours ago skimkid

The man the myth the legend the Rock said it best You versus you💪 @reider386  #wordsb4gym 

5 hours ago sawariya_sandeep


5 hours ago andrewpward

The salt and pepper beard is really working for you!

4 hours ago skytowin16

That's so true

4 hours ago omegaxl

This is epic!

4 hours ago anthony_a007

@glassowhiskeyy  This man speaks straight to the heart. So good. 😭

4 hours ago lehouimel_dz

Big man

4 hours ago raquel4320

You look amazing DJ

3 hours ago cceedmommyof5

I have to admit, it's very impressive an inspirational to see someone, consistently keeps going Non-Stop. To better and raise the bar within themselves and with others. Staying humble and real is truly a rarity in most people today. Thank you DJ for showing that humanity still alive.. I look you up, from time to time, in a non-creepy way. Lol Just to get inspired and know that everything is going to be okay.. Especially being my age and a mother of five. There are going to be days that are harder then most but worth it. Life is one heck of a roller coaster. You may get derailed from time to time but you have to find your way back and keep going. Lol Thank you for being so awesome my friend and an inspirational icon.. Have a great day or night. HUGS 😉😊

3 hours ago martindolcevita

True DJ 😉✌

3 hours ago jjfinness1771

Are y

3 hours ago jjfinness1771

Are you o

3 hours ago jjfinness1771

I mean

3 hours ago jjfinness1771

Are you and Vin friends

3 hours ago shaikh.tauqeer10


3 hours ago grethan_fp1999

Hey, did u see all of the 5% athletes training the other day? My dad is one of the athletes 😂😂

2 hours ago katinabuchanan5

Number 500 on the to do list, one through four hundred ninety nine over and over again til its got (lol:(

2 hours ago evgeniyalegislator

philosophy of the real fighter))) Respect 🙏

2 hours ago porineeta.sarkar

I love you 😍

2 hours ago porineeta.sarkar

I love you so much will you marry me???

2 hours ago veronicapdi

That's right !

2 hours ago venmus656

Really really True rock keep like you are a greatfull gay

2 hours ago warren.1235953

You are so cool

2 hours ago micheltherock

Hey bro!!!! When will go travel in Brazil? I want workout with you!

2 hours ago micheltherock

Thanks for everything

2 hours ago micheltherock

Good luck!!!

2 hours ago micheltherock

#micheltherock  on Instagram

2 hours ago vivek.rampersadh

True inspiration rocky maivia

2 hours ago hamza_aziri

Simply king 💙

an hour ago reggielindsey74

That's a straight FACT.

an hour ago mrtdarock

Amen Uso

an hour ago doruk_mtf


an hour ago crazybumble_bea

Wish I could work out with you. 😊

an hour ago waris9967

I like the last line " you vs you"

38 minutes ago nicolastafford87

When are you doing wrestling again?

19 minutes ago aleynaguccc

0 (531) 602 68 74 Fuckk me

a few seconds ago dstoever7

Love what u said! Not only sexy as hell but smart, ambitious, hardworking, and humble!!!

a few seconds ago pinoguiseppe


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