Mira!!! Emme y yo en @usahola magazine!!! Look it me and Emme in @usahola magazine!! 😘😘😘

Jennifer Lopez - @jlo Instagram Profile by jlo 6 days ago

Mira!!! Emme y yo en @usahola  #HOLA  magazine!!! Look it me and Emme in @usahola  #HOLA  magazine!! #coconut  #lovehermadly  #shesanatural  #shegotitfromhermomma  😘😘😘


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a day ago deesmiles13

Love you @jlo  and emma is so beautiful. She get it from her momma💜💜😘😘

a day ago msleahjordea

So cute

a day ago itsmejlyka


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21 hours ago mena4joy

Always my love

20 hours ago misseurope2015


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17 hours ago arie.r3366

Such a great mother

17 hours ago thelittelmrs

You can feel the love. Supreme Mom

16 hours ago taliantalia

@leecee__  jlo and her daughter and this damn jeeeep

16 hours ago macorisbest

too cute !

15 hours ago m_lew1941

Sooo beautiful....both of you....I m a great fan...admire you so much!!!❤️❤️

14 hours ago galesirvin

Que niña tan fea!

12 hours ago bemarie_designs

Beautiful girl, like her Mom!

12 hours ago cristelray

Emme está lindisima :)

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11 hours ago ely.chalkova

Best mother

11 hours ago niloglopez

Q lindas!!😊

10 hours ago damarisarf

La mamá es la mamá fuera de todo protocolo ❤️

9 hours ago ayaz5887

Hola i wanna order a peperoni pizza

9 hours ago desirereseyy

So adorable

9 hours ago hawley_anna

U both are so beautiful

7 hours ago rachelmariehair

@cremedelatiff  wake me up when I'm jlo

3 hours ago farrah_slim

Thats so cute

3 hours ago robertojuma

Que bellas te almiro y sigue palante claro con amor

3 hours ago dluisacejas

ella inspira una madre muy dulce.

3 hours ago carl707g


2 hours ago nassif.rima

Adorable 😘❤️

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