13 year old me. Wannabe popstar. ❤️

KATY PERRY - @katyperry Instagram Profile by katyperry 15 days ago
13 year old me. Wannabe popstar. ❤️

13 year old me. Wannabe popstar. ❤️


3 days ago sereia000


3 days ago its.simone_


3 days ago tasnia_nazah


3 days ago yasmim__muniz

Como eu amo tanto.

3 days ago pruu_xd

Prova de q o tempo e o dinheira deixa a pessoa linda '-'

3 days ago ngocbao1708

Beautifull 🌹🌹🌹

3 days ago akshpd1

i am back

3 days ago dannakll_


2 days ago marisssolmiddle

Whaaat OMG

2 days ago cassiehercules7998

Don't look like 13 here (not in a bad way) u looked older in this but its so amazing how time flies 😍😘

2 days ago bobbymarvi


2 days ago srin_greasemonkey

So different than now..

2 days ago rajasthan_cvf


2 days ago omar_munoz_castorena


2 days ago ankithasarikapramod123


2 days ago yengkhomelizabeth

So sweet Katy I always love you

2 days ago dimaiss

come to BRAZIL

2 days ago barryfie1ds

You got what you wanted but your going to hell for it

2 days ago javi__1505

She can d3cide to come to jesus again,,,we still have chance ,,,,

2 days ago bahare.hajebrahimi

کتی جان ... فدایی داری

2 days ago lea.gnzlz

you're so cute I love you

2 days ago lea.gnzlz

omg what a pair of boobs

2 days ago iiichili

عالیه کتی جونم

2 days ago litilly_starfire

Rostinho de Adele parece

2 days ago luna.moon_kc181

2 days ago _xkatyperryfangirlx_

Omg so cute😍😍😍

2 days ago umbasicgirlmuch

@barryfie1ds  lol how? 😂😂

2 days ago barryfie1ds

@umbasicgirlmuch  fucking lying and stealing to entertain at the top has its pitfalls.

2 days ago tinkubolina


a day ago dossa_perry


a day ago emely7707

So sweet

a day ago jimpublix

remember ...always have 13yo inside

a day ago donnie_el

‪Creative talented and can sing. Beyond every bird in the sky. Lovely. Beautiful sincere wise kind gorgeous. ‬email before this goes bye.

14 hours ago dimitris_hadson


13 hours ago joe_mark_yu

Your heart looks very big 😂

9 hours ago http.d.a.n.i.e.l_l.a.r.a


5 hours ago sankitty571416

I wanna be a dyoga like you😂❤️🌺 Im just 12 i don,t have those dyoga kind of style..

3 hours ago fabiocar77

The belt is top 🐄

a minute ago laurazingraff

This picture is life

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