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7 days ago ladyy__gaga__

Stunnigggg 🖤🖤

6 days ago jwebstersmith2


6 days ago jiii20

ييه يالكعب😐😐😐

6 days ago nathaniel.mayers

Travesti que amo tanto, affz

6 days ago jaon16

¡Hey! Check out my cover of 🌿Dope🌿 #jaon16 

6 days ago ketlen1312

I love you, I'm crazy about you

6 days ago pink_newyork1

Lol all i gotta say is how she walk in those heels

6 days ago rd.singh01


6 days ago kalynnevit

Te amooo

6 days ago raeantonio38

WOW Gorgeous!!!!!!!! U ready for it. Love your heels!!!!!! @ladygaga 

5 days ago cacarvalho_s

Tá morrendo e tá dançando rapariga?

5 days ago la_valefaith

@sara1978m  ahhahaha

5 days ago suziecreamcheeese

Not in those heels hunny!!!

5 days ago good_gifts_for_bad_girls

Let me rhinestone those boots for you! Please check out my page! 👠❤️😘

5 days ago lourena_gi


5 days ago n.azlikar

Oh my Queen'

4 days ago holaitzbella

Those heals tho!

4 days ago behzadm1967


2 days ago elinebdias

I'm Eline Dias and I work at the BioFAO Institute in Brazil. As you recently canceled your show at the RIR, I became aware that you suffer from fibromyalgia, considered as incurable by allopathy.

2 days ago jessicacadreau

Just watched 5'2 great story

a day ago viper_styled

That I can @ladygaga 

a day ago srur_kirkuki


a day ago ___dancer___

Lady Gaga why won’t you answer my DM’s?????

a day ago henriquegabellini


19 hours ago mmonholbe

Bonjour, je viens de voir le documentaire sur Netflix. Je n'ai aucune sagesse particulière à partager. Je suis juste une personne comme une autre. Une autre personne qui souffre dans son corps. Une personne qui pense aussi que chanter c'est donner tout ce que l'on est, sans fard, toute crue. Hi! My name is Margerie. I'm French. I'm a nobody and I'm everybody. I'm in pain too. My all right arm is blocked and I don't no why. I just watched on the platform Netflix the documentary about you. I feel so sorry to known how you're in pain. Because I don't like people suffering. I cried a lot silently. Your pain made me cry. And I hope you to feel better and better.

13 hours ago gigic888


13 hours ago justabralyn

I'm 11 and taller than lady Gaga!!!!!

10 hours ago linikerrr_


8 hours ago dropgiveme20

How tall are you.

5 hours ago justabralyn

@dropgiveme20  53 in a half

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