2 days ago antoinettehibart

Beautiful lady God bless u always

2 days ago fernando_herrah_gomez

Que hermosa

2 days ago itorres.it340

I love you

2 days ago maryleeelias

Why the sad emoji's I'm confused I hope you're happy??💃🏻😃💃🏻😉❤️😘

2 days ago vane_casti

🙊💗 Beautiful

2 days ago erikayadiravelazquez


2 days ago simontenn85

Lopez nice pc

2 days ago rockieolivar

I love u jlo 😘😘😘

2 days ago dyt.sumerye_celik


2 days ago agustin_prometeo

JL eres mi imposible...

2 days ago bytchnyc

@fionatech79  are you ready?!?! I am freaking excited already!!

2 days ago reza_naserinia

You are human intelligence

a day ago divinegracebc


a day ago sally123187

Love u

a day ago hitccc

Can I be your girlfriend?

a day ago gabrielkba


a day ago marcosrandytorres


a day ago omardominguez5760

Hi beautiful

a day ago cowboyplayer33


a day ago madexecutionermdnbtat

MErija MIllerE

a day ago mamadousiddou


a day ago cidariva


a day ago joelpachecojenypher

Wow muy hermosa beba

a day ago santi_medina46

Sweet dream love ❤️

a day ago gigiobanefe

you will always remain my best 😍

a day ago rudyhlucero.315

Simply Beautiful!😚

21 hours ago lhjkhldbwywsf


21 hours ago lhjkhldbwywsf


19 hours ago irancell.rayegan


16 hours ago ralftenner

Super hübsch

12 hours ago sinyor_mido

Ilove you jenefer

12 hours ago saeid.khordegah


11 hours ago waldemarhalle

Very beautiful 👍

8 hours ago dove.aaron

If u only new $$$$

5 hours ago andyshertoon

Beautiful woman

4 hours ago devinelovejoymj423

Something about our generation we are the best!!!!

4 hours ago gonzalezevelyn662

What's wrong im laughing cause what i do that get you in your FEELINGS @jlo  one minute your smiling the other your mad

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