So proud of my babies...

Jennifer Lopez - @jlo Instagram Profile by jlo 12 days ago
So proud of my babies... #notbabiesanymore #4thgrade #love

So proud of my babies... #notbabiesanymore  #4thgrade  #love 


a day ago daniel_rios_v

No offence they acc brats 😂

a day ago manueladisch

Beautyful kids

a day ago mrs.newman7

Twins? How many kids do u have ? I love u ur so dang beautiful

a day ago altj_l_v_a

Fur kills babies too

a day ago its_mandeekayyyy

Your daughter looks just like you 😍😍 god bless them both! ❤️

a day ago ird.r.diaz


a day ago janieatplay

Beautiful they are like their parents 🙌🏽

a day ago priscillaloli

Which school do they go to

a day ago priscillaloli

Which school do they go to

21 hours ago nelapitts_

Qué Dios te los bendiga siempre y watch over them always! One ☝️ Love ❤️

21 hours ago sandy_bateman

God bless them always!

18 hours ago shanmariewilliams1452

They are precious

17 hours ago lofjflali


17 hours ago lofjflali


16 hours ago ducktals44


16 hours ago stewcheryl

🦋Do they know that you were the skin of dead animals?🤔

16 hours ago camposangela2018


16 hours ago santi_medina46

Se parecen mucho a su papa, bendiciones

14 hours ago mruiz55

Beautiful 👏👏📚📚💕💕👼👼

13 hours ago cvrls___

4th grade??! I thought they were 4!! 😭😭💖💙

10 hours ago frogneuto

Super cute..💖💖..G.Bs🙏 them :)

10 hours ago uks.lily

R they twin?

9 hours ago magaliemmm

Litle jlo

8 hours ago imv.xo

He looks just like his dad and she resembles you 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

6 hours ago g_girl_25

Hi my name is gia and plz tell your kind well done

4 hours ago niloglopez


3 hours ago yolandamendez9399

son igualitos a papa

3 hours ago chloe644statyahoo.com_

@jlopez_1999_moji  no time. Busy lady. Come on don't you know how much shes doing right now. Two shows concerts trying to spend time with her kids and still have a life of her own.

2 hours ago ________katleen


an hour ago marisleidys_baryolo

Wao que lindos dios los bendiga

an hour ago zizo_jackson

Cute ^°^

44 minutes ago poxxa_yasmin_

@adriellemacelino  Pq Vc Curti Tudo Dela?

39 minutes ago cristiolascoaga19

Beautifulll childrens

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