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2 days ago kasenfitness

Can't wait!

a day ago tmstudio_adventures


a day ago viper_styled

But to break @ladygaga 

a day ago luvnlightnlevittown

I absolutly loved it!! I laughed, i cried..tears of joy and empathy. Yr a golden soul. God bless

a day ago srur_kirkuki


a day ago henriquegabellini


a day ago karensr2529


a day ago courtneyleecook

Blown away by your dedication to your craft and to your fans. Your heart is so full of love and friendship to everyone you come across. You're simply amazing and I'm in awe of you now and forever xx

a day ago alixrae10

Can we watch this together? @madileighbee 

a day ago alixrae10

@danibaez  @brittbrownmeow  @ryanrosenbaumm  can we all watch this together ???

a day ago ier_estriddottir

Watch it it's great

a day ago kaiogilsantos

Assistindo seu documentário amei linda ,bjs de todos os brasileiro 😍😍😍😍

a day ago mariluzmatosg

@rosnellysmg  not a fan of biographical movies, but this one is all❤️

a day ago dizzle213

We should watch today @rmutz1 

21 hours ago ktfiel


21 hours ago rosnellysmg

@mariluzmatosg  good! La viste en net?

20 hours ago joshuamahanga


20 hours ago rmutz1

YES @dizzle213 

20 hours ago mariluzmatosg

@rosnellysmg  si, es nuevo en netflix

20 hours ago oceanmakingodfrey


19 hours ago dorotimax

Just watched this !!! You make me cry so much !!! ❤️❤️❤️

18 hours ago vanessaguatibonza20

Mucho amor para ti mi love

18 hours ago melaniaaad

❤️❤️❤️ @arianes 

18 hours ago ww.729

love you

17 hours ago brunaemilly1

Maravilhosaaaaaaa ❤❤❤

17 hours ago sapaggisela

O por dios😍 @clarii_aguiar 

15 hours ago zzz___1009

Love uuu babeee❤❤❤❤💗💗💗💗💗

14 hours ago raiyaannn

It was the best thing ever

12 hours ago _supwititnix

💕💕💕 praise you

11 hours ago neyllathyfanny


10 hours ago effemme91

Watching this biography made me feel the incredible artist and the big heart there's in you @ladygaga  ❤️

8 hours ago im_4_reelz

so so good i love you so much

7 hours ago jen_jen_is_very_confused


5 hours ago aydinodyakmaz

Just watched the film and it's a great opportunity for people to see the life of a well known musician. I say this as I don't want to look at you as a pop star fashionista etc. You have a talent as a musician first and foremost and as we see as a real HUMAN being . Thanks for sharing a small portion of your life. Pls visit us at us in the Canadian Rockies. You have a guest room here anytime. One of the few places you'll really get away. Only thing is I don't have an in house massage therapist except i might be a let to loosen the right muscles after a mountain bike ride. My 16 year old daughter says 😉

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