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Jennifer Lopez - @jlo Instagram Profile by jlo 15 days ago

#Repost  @arod  ・・・ Work hard, play hard. #HappyLaborDay  @trufusion  @vegas  @arodcorp 


3 days ago christa_333

@karinenok_3  это что то) вот дождалась)💫

3 days ago tati.rabelo.ba

Que aulao eh esse massa? @vivvirabelo 

3 days ago vivvirabelo

@tati.rabelo.ba  quero ficar veia assim😥

3 days ago idelkis2414

Love jlo

3 days ago helenbaileyestate

Love me sum @jlo  🦋

3 days ago mommapollito

They look so happy ! Good for them👌

3 days ago babyk77

Another relationship for show!!! What do we call this one, alexnifer.... I hope for her sake this one lasts but we all know it won't.... cuz it's A-rod!!! And we all know a-rod loves the ladies, what is it with jlo and unfaithful men??? I mean when is she going to learn???

2 days ago 333katb

That could be us but you don't like the heat lol

2 days ago getfancy_elena

Goals!!! ❤️❤️

2 days ago 8_degrees_of_donna

Oh well got to unfollow u @jlo  until u stop wearing FUR!!....be a role model for anti-fur not an advocate for the fur industry....its cruel and just plain stupid to wear an animals skin on you!!

2 days ago boni_80

What kind of workout is that??? Looks interesting.

2 days ago sara._0729


2 days ago kadirim555


2 days ago milypil


2 days ago alexandra.alves.5688

Vida da rainha

2 days ago mavaraxx

@kenitzieespinoza  💧💧💧💧

2 days ago thelashhouseny

Yes yes yes!!!! 🎀🎀🎀🎀

2 days ago 120699alex

@kadirim555  @sara._0729  rihanna run this town

a day ago kiki11067

I loved it up until the fur jacket. Wish these celebrities would use faux fur and bring much needed education against the fur trade.

a day ago inkaychy_

Walking tall against the rain..cute

a day ago abirelshaban

What a life ❤

a day ago thechicseries

@jamiehburton  - well if that's not motivation ...

a day ago jamiehburton

@thechicseries  I'd say so!!

a day ago lindaax0

@rimarayhall  @tiggydxb  @nancy__barbar  @tripleehhh  this is Rima and Kareem

21 hours ago saint_laurent05

Jay-Z & Rihanna & KanyeWest-Run this town

19 hours ago renzovalentino

Fur 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

17 hours ago mariana123cugir

Guten morgen

14 hours ago darwinelcache


13 hours ago mitzisinnott

Want to do this class @stanley19081 

9 hours ago emilymarsofia

Hermosa pareja...

8 hours ago dove.aaron


5 hours ago fireman_calendarmodel_mrjuly

Thank you for the trip I loved seeing you@jlo 

5 hours ago mikaylahiers

I'm a 17 year old makeup artist. I would love more people who are real and down to ride with me and enjoy makeup❤

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