Fenway Park 9/2 after party on the mound

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Fenway Park 9/2 after party on the mound  #joanneworldtour #tour #musician #ladygaga #gaga

Fenway Park 9/2 after party on the mound #joanneworldtour  #tour  #musician  #ladygaga  #gaga 


10 days ago willmilitao

Hold Up @beyonce  haha 🍋💚

10 days ago vagnerrezende

@messapaulo  hold up...

9 days ago julesnick15

Hoping for a fast recovery. 🤘🏼

9 days ago d.a.k.o.s.t.a

@ladygaga  that dress though

9 days ago lucassantos4901

Maravilhosa 😍😍😍

9 days ago christopher.sean_

Good Afternoon! I work for Styleweek Northeast and this coming week were having our biannual fashion show. One of the designers who was going to showcase their work was Alexandra Nam the designer of this coat. Unfortunately she passed away at the end of July. We are going to have a live model installation of her work to commemorate Alexandra Nam. We are wondering if Lady Gaga could post or create a short social media video that we can present during her installation memorium. Styleweek Northeast would love to hear back from you. You can look at our website at www.styleweekne.com and you can email me at crogers4@umassd.edu.  Also feel free to look at Alexandra Nam's website at  http://alexandranam.com/

9 days ago ha_mood_i


8 days ago gabriel_badaue

We are waiting you in Brazil....

7 days ago yara_sallez

Beautiful I Love You 👏👸😍❤

7 days ago joaniedwyer

BOO Redsox!*!

7 days ago king_gaga_

Girl 💋

7 days ago dyt.sumerye_celik

Very nice 😍

6 days ago thekrishnabk


6 days ago derett.gemini

lemonade: the gaga version

6 days ago rachelj_

I don't know if I've ever seen a stadium show where the performer has so much heart. It's obvious you give your all for your fans. Your Fenway show was spectacular and afterwards at HOB was one of the best I have ever seen. Get well, I would love to see you again! 💕

6 days ago kesha257_

Are u mocking Beyonce

6 days ago kesha257_

Shame on u

5 days ago talieh.hair.makeup

I love you GaGa

5 days ago prince_deucegram

Why she wearing the dress from lemonade???

5 days ago pagebeyonce

hold up

4 days ago mea865

You look Fabulous!!!❤️❤️

4 days ago designsbyrebecca

Love your dress you look breathtaking

4 days ago eliezerp29


4 days ago karolyne_miyako


2 days ago daphne.vella

@ladygaga  after watching the documentary about yourself, I have so much more respect for the work you do.. and it's all for us. You truly sacrifice yourself for the fans and this shows that performing/singing is your passion. Most probably you won't read this but I'm so happy to have seen you sing back in 2009 in Malta. Thank you for the new album, it's truly extraordinary, I loved every song, and I listen to it every time I'm about to take off on a plane (hate them) and it makes me feel a bit less anxious. 😘💙

2 days ago lady__thc

Thank you thank you thank you

a day ago viper_styled

The boarders @ladygaga 

a day ago srur_kirkuki


a day ago dpopps

@starr810  @mamamamacrea  🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯

a day ago henriquegabellini


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