Fenway Park 9/2 show 2

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Fenway Park 9/2 show 2 #joanneworldtour  #tour  #musician  #ladygaga  #gaga 


11 days ago fbuzzetto

Brazil Love U! ❤️ 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

11 days ago fabrycarvalho


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11 days ago erwinbertrand

strike indeed )

10 days ago rick.adventures

Sem dor na Bacia aqui! 😎

10 days ago igorbiano

Aqui ela estava sem dores @mildonlima  @victortreva 

9 days ago shaunachyn_bosschick

follow me

9 days ago christopher.sean_

Good Afternoon! I work for Styleweek Northeast and this coming week were having our biannual fashion show. One of the designers who was going to showcase their work was Alexandra Nam the designer of this coat. Unfortunately she passed away at the end of July. We are going to have a live model installation of her work to commemorate Alexandra Nam. We are wondering if Lady Gaga could post or create a short social media video that we can present during her installation memorium. Styleweek Northeast would love to hear back from you. You can look at our website at www.styleweekne.com and you can email me at crogers4@umassd.edu.  Also feel free to look at Alexandra Nam's website at http://alexandranam.com/

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8 days ago m_nebraska

Por isso que ficou doente fica se esforçando

8 days ago saintrachelholyka


8 days ago saintrachelholyka

I'm praying for you sister, blessed will be,amen.

8 days ago aheykin_stas_2001

Там что, дух, в той стороне куда она кидает?

8 days ago rickycaputt

Parece uma bruxa 😂😂😂

8 days ago rodriguez.berg

É na sola da bota, é na palma da mão 🎶

7 days ago king_gaga_


7 days ago monalisagraves

Boom it gaga,!! Your the greatest,!!!

6 days ago pseudoriel

@heavycolours  vidis kako ona zna 😂❤️

6 days ago heavycolours

Hahahhaah ma ovo je vec profesionalno @pseudoriel 

5 days ago aliciarose122

I love u so much and u take as much time as u need I know you'll be back stronger than ever💪❤️ @ladygaga 

4 days ago margotka2606

Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

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2 days ago daisy_shorts

That's funny! The best at singing the anthem!

a day ago viper_styled

Of my body and @ladygaga 

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9 hours ago cate_pacheco5

I was there and I loved it great job Joanne

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