Out here in Omaha having a laugh with this amazing guy... 😂


9 days ago priscilla4717

Y'all both look amazing together 😉❤beautiful.👍 @jlo 

9 days ago gauravrajput4731


9 days ago hirad.abbasi


8 days ago anastasia_sddreambig

There so cute

8 days ago fane1740

Nice Nice

7 days ago gridneva_likhtarenko


7 days ago peyman.4166


7 days ago lacydeherrera

I hope someday I can live a legacy like you! 😇

6 days ago 02verianny02p


6 days ago labeebahtanzil


6 days ago jackiedmson

😂😂😂peleando los $20 mil dólares qué donaron para los afectados del huracán Harvey tacaños 😂😂😂

6 days ago changeante_bag

So gorgeous!

6 days ago lovelybrendi

What's your husbands name ❤ look grandpa lol jk

6 days ago videoduvari


5 days ago xbrand.ua


5 days ago asackman422


5 days ago m_a_x_l_u_c_a_s

Love this

5 days ago vh_edition

Love this

4 days ago princesalima5

Tan bonita jlo y siempre estas con feos porque ?..

4 days ago mohammad_ehsan_8

Lucky guy .

4 days ago marie_jgnz

Omg your hair's si beauuuutifuuul ❤💚💛💜💙

4 days ago alireza.m.khan

😂😂😂 So funny!!!

4 days ago vegansandwitches

Hi Jennifer im a huge fan and i have a quick question. As a woman/ musician/artist/etc. Do you ever struggle with men taking you seriously, or undermining you because you are a successful woman in the industry? And if so how do you deal with that? Thank you for your time

3 days ago cachitacachumba

@princesalima5  feos? Omg! Ese hombre es super guapo

2 days ago igna34


2 days ago nollyr30

Q viva le amor😍😍😍👏👏👏

2 days ago nollyr30

Jennifer es q no podía ser otro q no fuera un Dominicano😏😂

a day ago hitccc

Baby be mine

a day ago marrys2020


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