Preparando algo grande en mi barrio!! 🖤🎬🎥💣 @wisin @jessyterrero

Jennifer Lopez - @jlo Instagram Profile by jlo 19 days ago
Preparando algo grande en mi barrio!! #amoramoramor 🖤🎬🎥💣 @wisin @jessyterrero #videonuevo #vienepronto

Preparando algo grande en mi barrio!! #amoramoramor  🖤🎬🎥💣 @wisin  @jessyterrero  #videonuevo  #vienepronto 


a day ago _goldenflowerr

Please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

a day ago _goldenflowerr

They're suffering just so you can look nice which you already do WITHOUT them on 😞

a day ago _goldenflowerr


a day ago nadjamrspicy

How F $ck you guys know if @jlo  is wearing real fur or not??? I am all about animal welfare but I am just asking a question bc a lot of faux fur looks like real fur .

a day ago frantrabcamp

@nadjamrspicy  this is real fur doesn't take a genius

a day ago nadjamrspicy

@frantrabcamp  Maybe my genius IQ failure looking @ this pic 😂 I never used fur don't know how differentiate real one and fake one through a picture , especially with so many filters .

a day ago inesshedl

CAN U STOP WEARING FUR?? WHY ARE U SUCH A MONSTER?? Kids look at u and think this is fine! Use ur god damn head and start thinking about what message ur sending to ur fans and young kids! #stopanimalcruelty 

a day ago inesshedl

@burnettekathy  ur just as sick as she is. #furhag 

a day ago to_twink_or_not_to_twink

@double_u_a_dee_e  message me it please

a day ago j_perry6

@jlo  can we skin u alive so u can feel how the animals feel... u disgusting n heartless af smh

a day ago ichellprisquila

Use your own skin jlo

a day ago ichellprisquila

Ur animal abuse stop wearing fur!!!!

a day ago omajung

#boycottjlo  just what do you think those animals went through for your vanity

a day ago fannynuzhida

Shame on you wearing skin that isnt yours! #boycottjlo 

19 hours ago anujabshinde

What a shame 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 a perfect example of money doesn't bring you wisdom. Sad to see this

18 hours ago fur_fashion_forever

😍 more fur please @jlo 

18 hours ago patchy_pig

Why don't you Skin your kids alive!

17 hours ago salma1948

You're a killer JLo, stop wearing fur, fur is dead.

17 hours ago pkunzen

Você está vestindo uma pele que não é sua.

15 hours ago rebeccascsr

stop supporting the killing of these beautiful babies

13 hours ago jann_26

Tengo una pregunta esta mujer con toda su fortuna q tiene usa abrigos de piel sintético porque eso sería lo correcto estoy en contra del maltrato animal???

12 hours ago irmaprado48

What the hell @jlo  .. why wear fur ? Why ? I used to like you n now I hate you . 👎🏼

10 hours ago strumfita2

Stop support the killing of animals 💔💔💔💔💔

9 hours ago ari_perez99

Stop wearing fur!! you dont need real fur to show that you have lot of money! That kind of actions only prove that you don't care about suffering and anything!!!

8 hours ago fur_fashion_forever

Love your fur posts!

8 hours ago avargas_89_

Deja d usar pieles de animales inocentes PARA no contribuyas a la extinción de especies, no contribuyas al dolor, maltrato y tortura de animales por favor no lo hagas mas

8 hours ago avargas_89_

Tu no necesitas esas pieles ellos si.... Reflexiona sienta un precedente en la industria #NoVistasPielesDeAnimal  envía un mensaje positivo al mundo y a tus hijos #RespetoALosAnimales 

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