🇳🇿👁NEW ZEALAND 👁🇳🇿Tickets & VIP packages for both Auckland shows are on sale now 🎫 link in bio 🥝

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🇳🇿👁NEW ZEALAND 👁🇳🇿Tickets & VIP packages for both #WITNESSTHETOUR Auckland  shows are on sale now 🎫 link in bio 🥝

🇳🇿👁NEW ZEALAND 👁🇳🇿Tickets & VIP packages for both #WITNESSTHETOUR  Auckland shows are on sale now 🎫 link in bio 🥝


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Hi , My Name is Tory Griffin Jr. I'm 20 years old. May 6,2015 I ended up paralyzed by a rare disease called transverse myelitis.My mom stop working to take care of me and have been taking care of me for the last two years. We had a wheelchair van a year in a half ago but my powerchair to tall to fit through the door of the van so we had difficulties getting me in and out the van. The van lasted about 4 months before the engine went out so then we ended up on the bus. The bus wasn't working out well so we resulted to putting me in Hoyer lift and getting me in the car that way which is even more difficult.So If you could help me out with a customized wheelchair van it would be very much appreciated. And here's the link to my news story. https://www.news4jax.com/news/local/jacksonville/physician-assistant-leads-effort-to-get-paralyzed-teen-home-_20151107003603715 @katyperry 

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@katyperry  how the F do your stories be so god damn offical? Shit lol

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te que muy bien el pelo corto

6 days ago piksi_as

Eh keti peri ga asik @syahira.hilm 

6 days ago andy__esp

If someone can't find the sunshine looks at you, you'r a star, I love you from the button of my heart

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My idol 😍🙈, i love you katy 🙊

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4 days ago olivia_softball_lov

What has happened Katy you were so beautiful now you look I don't even know but you just down a bad road don't wear so much heavy dark make up all the time it's not good

4 days ago yurani_oficial

Te volviste horrible

4 days ago theomarquezshowchannel

Fake!!!😠 Are you Faking Ghasting

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Is math related to science

4 days ago waaalkiria

Jesus loves you ❤️

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@dylan.signor  HAHA💀💀💀

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Bitch this suit is fitted to perfection

3 days ago arun__nv

👎.....Respect a musical instrument

3 days ago saritydove30

I love you Katty ❤

3 days ago laisxmelo

puta que pariu

3 days ago su_videres

Estou amando este cabelo! Linda...

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3 days ago qeausiiiiii100

Yes! Your finally coming to new zealand!! ❤❤❤❤ I love you Katy💓 p.s I live in new Zealand ❤💕

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Follow my page guys

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Linda demais

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