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6 days ago igorrholanda

Encosta para o Brasil, e manda aquele show pesado parça.

5 days ago javier.szn


5 days ago sioegruobytycrad

i still dont like you

5 days ago 716cmarp


5 days ago ggthegawd

Make sure you paying attention to that poster on your wall

5 days ago flipkingjayy

Need Sum Money ? Dm Me , We Can Make Your Dreams Come Tru. Easy Fast Process. We Flip Money💰💰💯‼️💪🏾📶 Guaranteed ! Shop from our 🔥🔥👟 alsooo

5 days ago asapxrcky

I see Queen Beyonce

4 days ago primoondamic

Love me this

4 days ago ovo_rolie

The universe needs to bring @champagnepapi.  And @beyonce  together already!!!

4 days ago justdejjj

Word to me you wallin @champagnepapi  I need some sap nigga songs it's getting cold.

4 days ago iamqueensiraja

You don't know me yet 💯👑, but when I'm on, And you do know me 🌸, just remember me letting you know how fascinated I am with your creative process. -Queen Siraja ✨

3 days ago lesya.polutatarinova

so cute

3 days ago iam_thaprofit_

Fire setup

3 days ago mechelleosborn

Sorry gay boy

3 days ago patrycja__ur

Bad bitch B on the wall ❤️❤️🐝🐝👑

3 days ago 420andrea


3 days ago jang_goon.lee

It's time to takeover again, man. Waited far too long.

2 days ago californikated


2 days ago mechelleosborn

You're going to pay 😈👹

2 days ago brannatos

This is 😇😍😍

2 days ago mechelleosborn

Isn't that Eminems quote on the wall

2 days ago twoundertwo17


2 days ago twoundertwo17


2 days ago marisssolmiddle


2 days ago divanterossouw

I would love to work with Drake, man all these young niggas Wana be like You, you like God around here

2 days ago kah_kat

Bey 💙

a day ago northstar_j7


a day ago grifmanme

he got the green light 🙏😈

a day ago leen420_

Hey you in lex?

10 hours ago sweetgypsy_rose


7 hours ago tamara.neyalova


an hour ago royal_instrumentals

Please check out my page I'm a 14 year old producer

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