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8 days ago klaklaklaaaaa


8 days ago x_.simplistic._x


8 days ago sapphiresux

u haven't posted a pic of u in 5 days.. hope ur ok b love u 💕

8 days ago bran.koo

got jokes

8 days ago johnmulls

@champagnepapi  I was there in Fayetteville, NC, when you and Jay-Z surprised everyone. I remember when you literally said "Yo, J, I remember when we were in Toronto and you shouted out my city, so I know I gotta shout out your city." That's the shit that makes you the goat.

7 days ago isaiah_t_p

Wtf is up with the fake grass

7 days ago _galaxia24

😂😂😂😂 hahaha

7 days ago themomob

hilarious pic

7 days ago mr_campbell4


7 days ago torontowave123


6 days ago christopher_elijah_chacon

My dude?????

6 days ago kslambskajsjka


6 days ago elezamc

Check your dm

5 days ago heather_gillis

@staceywetmore  Drake copied my patio grass 😂

5 days ago ll.jay2

They all look confused lol 😂

5 days ago domrosetoast

Never gonna stop shooting my shot @champagnepapi  !

4 days ago tarajay_infinity

Lol you cool, my bad, i can't hate on drake.

4 days ago colleendowd

Come to Kentucky this weekend and stop by the pi beta phi house 💗 we love you

4 days ago nikotunes

I don't believe in a lot of shit, but I believe in my bars. I firmly believe in my voice and talent. I believe in Horizon 100m, my new song. Don't snooze. Link in my bio! 💯🔥

4 days ago txjake95

Is this the I'm on one' set???

3 days ago legendary_juju

Aye bro come match a qp

2 days ago bronxchapo456

Too many squares in ya circle

2 days ago 808sandpoundplates

You better carpool karaoke with me like that! 🤣

2 days ago diontemaurice

You should hop on that 4422 @champagnepapi 

2 days ago marisssolmiddle

The view must be so dope

2 days ago thisis_alberthino


2 days ago northstar_j7

Aw 😍

a day ago treybeatzz

What's up boss. I'm shooting a music video today similar to used to this by you and hendrx how long did actually take y'all to shoot it?

a day ago trenea_janelle_mellion_ect

When we in private I'll dominate... Dont be afraid to fight heads on !👀

a day ago marketingbarbie

My Goodness!

9 hours ago lesya.polutatarinova

so nice

44 minutes ago ytwwob

DRAKE IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN Ima huge fan. My girlfriend is starting her YouTube channel up soon and we were wondering if you could bless us with a short interview 5 questions at the most and no inappropriate questions it would be a blessing and a huge honor. @champagnepapi 

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