London / Wembley Stadium / Jun 29

London / Wembley Stadium / Jun 29

London / Wembley Stadium / Jun 29


12 days ago

When you listen to the voice of Madame Edel, you feel the Lord kindness. I send this message from Iran

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11 days ago jhonnathasdantas

Thank you for your beautiful songs. Whenever I hear I feel such a great peace and it makes me continue believing in love! Thank you! Thank you! Brazil is waiting for you! I wait for your concert! 🇧🇷🇧🇷

11 days ago gloriajo

@celine_meh  Irgendwann erfüllen Wir uns den traum😍

10 days ago ediw_po_

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10 days ago adele.teatime

Mum I love you so so much

9 days ago feerediii


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8 days ago millielane12

My best friend went to see you and she said it was amazing!! I was sooo jealous! ❤️

8 days ago dorukmutaf


8 days ago queenlorathefirst


8 days ago vintage.since11


6 days ago guilan.nature


6 days ago guilan.nature


6 days ago agrawal.abhilasha


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5 days ago yolandacuquerella

Espectacular una voz increible y unica

5 days ago notaquibnesar


4 days ago iviohammad.rbn


4 days ago

Follow me.

3 days ago keshani_mohammad

@adele  👌💎🌹❤️

2 days ago sh_hri

Following me please😊😙

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2 days ago mrseli77

I love you ❤❤❤❤

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a day ago mrtory101

Hi , My Name is Tory Griffin Jr. I'm 20 years old. May 6,2015 I ended up paralyzed by a rare disease called transverse myelitis.My mom stop working to take care of me and have been taking care of me for the last two years. We had a wheelchair van a year in a half ago but my powerchair to tall to fit through the door of the van so we had difficulties getting me in and out the van. The van lasted about 4 months before the engine went out so then we ended up on the bus. The bus wasn't working out well so we resulted to putting me in Hoyer lift and getting me in the car that way which is even more difficult.So If you could help me out with a customized wheelchair van it would be very much appreciated. And here's the link to my news story. and my gofundme link is

16 hours ago hony_stark


16 hours ago hony_stark


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13 hours ago nnddaa03

SO beuatifulll viewwwww ❤️

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